Proudly delivering our re-invented taste at Shatera restaurants that is; irresistible, premium quality, yet healthier traditional style prepared with love on fresh Shatera bread and potatoes baked in house, right from oven on premises.  We are committed to providing exceptional service to our valued customers in everything we do either in the restaurant or home delivery that will definitely ensure customer satisfaction and build repeat customer base.



At Shatera we believe in; Integrity, honesty, giving, sharing, respecting, creativity, accountability, working hard with dedication to reaching our achievable goals.



To be perceived as the best traditional quick-service restaurant of its kind, that is good for all ages and cultures through our Shatera style, all day long leaving customers fully satisfied about their eating habits with unforgettable experiences.



Positioning our brand in the local market and internationally, through securing a great percentage of the market share.

Become top of mind restaurant with a completive advantage in QSRs.

Having 10 restaurants opened by the end of 2025 in Jordan.